The importance of the mother language!

What is the mother language or mother tongue? We all know very well, as we move towards a society where the interaction is mainly in English, we move away from our mother language. The first language a baby learns from birth is called the birth language, and therefore plays a crucial role in our lives for various reasons. 

As International Mother Language Day is approaching, let’s take a closer look to understand why it is essential for everyone to know your mother tongue well:

1. Intellectual Development

Studies have shown that cognitive development and intellectual development are comparatively faster in fluent in their mother tongue. The educational success in their mother tongue is higher than someone taught in a language other than their mother tongue.

2. Better connection with culture

Languages are the primary means of keeping our culture alive. Often, the direct translation of one language into another cannot convey the same essence as in the source language. Therefore, the best way to know a culture thoroughly is to understand the language. The mother tongue helps us stay connected to our traditional, cultural values and our roots.

3. Learning a second language

When a person knows their mother language well, it is easier for them to learn a new language. If a child reads in their mother tongue from an early age, they will have more substantial reading and writing skills in other languages.

4. Commercial advantages

The possibilities of making money with the help of one’s mother language are enormous in today’s economy. Businesses are going the local way, so the importance of mother tongues has increased exponentially. Knowing your mother tongue to communicate with your local customers if you want to become an entrepreneur is beneficial.

5. The feeling of honor

Knowing your mother language well is a matter of self-esteem. It enriches one’s confidence and creates awareness in one’s mind while also connecting with his cultural identity.

To sum up!

Mother’s tongue has a tremendous positive impact on an individual’s personality; however, the medium of education, usually English, also encourages parents to speak to their children in the second language. This leads to confusion in the children’s minds and, hence, difficulties mastering first and second languages.

Mother tongue is the language that a child gets to hear after birth and helps give a definite shape to our feelings and thoughts. 

Learning in the mother tongue is also crucial for improving other critical thinking skills, second language learning, and literacy skills. So we can say that the mother language can be used as a useful learning tool.

importnace of mother language

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