Payment Options

Payment Options per Service:

Online Money Transfer from or the mobile app
  • Credit/Debit Card Visa / Mastercard mastercard visa
    * None of your card details (CCV, expiration date, etc.) are stored in our databases for security reasons.
    By choosing to Send your money by paying by card, you will be transferred to the ePOS of Piraeus Bank for payment with 3D secure credit or debit carde-pos piraeus
  • Bank Transfer via PayByBank PAYBYBANK LOGO
    Upon completion of the process, you will receive an e-mail with the RF payment code. Then through e-banking/mobile banking of any Greek Bank you choose PAYMENTS and then Single Payment (RF) or you choose PAYMENTS and search for Western Union – PayLink. Enter the RF code and the exact amount in the respective fields and complete the payment. You don’t need to send us the deposit receipt, once we receive the payment, we will email you the money transfer control number (MTCN).
    * The RF code is valid for 72 hours. After 72 hours you will have to start your transfer from the beginning.

Νote that if you transfer the money from a non-Greek bank, you need to transfer the EURO amount to one of the following bank accounts and mention ‘only’ the PayByBank code in the Reason for the transfer.
-National Bank of Greece: 6562-0052- 392
-Piraeus Bank: 5126-0638- 3392-6
-Alpha Bank: 2930-0200- 2004-965
-Eurobank: 0026-0607- 0002-0021- 1828

  • Cash: by selecting Bank Transfer PayByBankPAYBYBANK LOGO
    you can pay the amount in cash at one of our  1.300 service points as a ΔΕΚΟ/utility bill by presenting only the PayByBank code.
Money transfer at a Western Union – PayLink service point  

When you visit a Western Union – PayLink service point you can pay for your transfer in cash.

Money Transfer by a phone call

at 800 100 2020 (free by land line) or at (+30) 210 900 5000 from your mobile

  • Credit/Debit Card Visa / Mastercard mastercard visa
    For payment by card you will be asked an email address, so that we can send you a payment link. By clicking on the “PAYMENT” link, you fill in your card details, none of which is stored in our database.
    Once the payment is successfully completed, you will receive the payment receipt via e-mail.
  • Bank Transfer. You can also pay by Bank transfer. Please use only the following bank accounts:
    Ethniki Bank: 6562-0052- 392
    -Piareus Bank: 5126-0638- 3392-6
    -Alpha Bank: 2930-0200- 2004-965
    -Eurobank: 0026-0607- 0002-0021- 1828

Our representative will provide you with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) as well as a 4-digit number.
When you do the deposit, you must enter the 4-digit number in the reason for payment. After the deposit is made, the code is activated and you will be notified by email.

Bill Payment

You can pay your bills at Western Union-PayLink service point with the Bill Payment sign in cash or by card.