Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): All you need to know


Isn’t it great when you have complete control over everything?  With PayLink – Western Union you have total control over every money transfer you make, the simplest way: the money transfer control number (MTCN). Let’s take a look at what exactly the MTCN is and how it will help you know everything about your transfer every step of the way!

What is a MTCN?

When you send money either online, through the PayLink – Western Union mobile app, or from a point of service, your transfer is assigned a unique ten-digit number. This number is your MTCN. You can use your MTCN tracking number to check the status of the transfer at any time, both you and your receiver.

Where can I find my MTCN?

If you sent money from the PayLink – Western Union website or mobile app, your MTCN will be on your online receipt and in the confirmation email you receive. If you made the transfer at one of our 1400 points of service, the number will be printed on your transaction form. For each transfer, you will receive a unique MTCN. If you make multiple transfers at the same time, each one will have a different tracking number.

How can I use my MTCN?

Both you and your receiver will need the MTCN. First of all, with MTCN you can both check the status of the transfer. The receiver will need the MTCN to pick up the money from a Western Union point of service, if that is the chosen method*. In addition, if you need to contact customer service for a money transfer, you will be asked for the MTCN. Important note: Do not share your MTCN with anyone other than the receiver.
*When picking up from a point of service, the receiver must provide their MTCN and ID.

How can I track my MTCN?

To track the status of your transfer in real time, simply go to the Transfer Tracking page and enter the ten-digit number. You can also track your MTCN via the PayLink – Western Union app, anytime and anywhere. In order for the receiver to also be able to see the status of the transfer, all you have to do is share the MTCN with them.

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