Leading Change | The anthropocentric approach

At PayLink Western Union, we are committed to creating an ever-evolving world of electronic payments.

This commitment includes the very same team of PayLink, who is also part of the change we are trying to create.

So, we welcomed June with a 2-day empowerment seminar for the wider management team and leaders of PayLink focusing on “Change” as it has been something we have all dealt with during recent years.

More specifically, through interactive workshops we learned new techniques on how to properly coach our teams to effectively manage all changes and stay focused to our commitments, using change as an opportunity.

Our goal is to provide innovative and technologically advanced, high-quality financial services to all Citizens of the World.

“Leading Change” was the theme of the empowering and inspiring seminar under the counseling guidance & the Anthropocentric approach of Giannis Kalogerakis, a well-esteemed public speaker.

And not only that, we danced, sang, and learned through experiential learning.

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