PayLink is governed by an integrated system of principles and rules which set an organizational and operational framework aimed to protect all entities associated with the company in any way.

A fundamental operational principle of PayLink is our compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and all internal policies adopted by the Company. PayLink is required to comply with all business relevant Greek and EU legislation and to abide by the regulatory Acts issued by the competent authorities. In this context, the Company has developed a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a set of rules and principles that are intended to guide behavior of all who have business with PayLink. The implementation of this Code ensures the smooth operation of the Company and its good reputation. What is ethical behavior for PayLink Ethical conduct means that all employees perform their duties responsibly and in a professional manner, with diligence, honesty, impartiality and respect for their PayLink colleagues and clients. The following are the basic principles of ethical behavior:
  1. Compliance with laws, regulations and policies.
  2. Customer and partner satisfaction along with professional behavior constitute our priorities.
  3. Respect and co-operation between colleagues.
  4. Protection of Company interests.
  5. Confidentiality and information management
All employees avoid any activity that could associate the Company or the Employee itself with an unlawful act. Prevention of money laundering As a Payment Institution, PayLink also is specifically obliged to apply the provisions for the prevention and suppression of money laundering. As part of these obligation, our Company establishes trading control policies and reporting procedures that Employees are required be familiar with and to assist the Company, AML & Compliance department in particular, in its work. You can see the Policy on Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering here.