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How to send money to Bangladesh?

Send money today to Bangladesh with PayLink – Western Union and benefit from our excellent exchange rate! Furthermore, your recipient will take 2.5% extra money on your transfer, funded by the government of Bangladesh. This incentive has a goal to increase the volume of remittances into Bangladesh, and your loved ones in Bangladesh will benefit from this extra amount of 2.5% simply if you send money through a legal money transfer operator such as PayLink-Western Union.

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Let’s get to know our neighbors!

Have you ever thought about how many common customs, traditions, or food recipes we share as Balkan neighbors?
We bet you have encountered many everyday habits, even familiar words or expressions that we commonly use! We tried to find out some facts you probably don’t know about our neighbors, and you will be surprised.

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8+1 things we don’t know about Pakistan

Pakistan’s culture is a melting pot of Persian, Indian, Afghan, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western Asian influences. Over 15 major ethnic groups can be found in Pakistan, that vary in physical features, historical bloodlines, dress types, customs, food, and music. Some include Sindhis, Punjabis, Baloch, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Makranis, Kashmiris, and Baltis, coming from regions such as the Indus Valley, Africa, or Tibet. The spiritual power of Islam has also strongly shaped Pakistani culture.

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