Terms For The Bill Payment Service Rendered By
Worldbridge-Payment Institution S.A. ("Service")

The present terms govern the payment service called bill payment (hereinafter “Service”) rendered by WorldBridge-Payment Institution S.A. with trade name PayLink (“PayLink”) to the Customers. Paylink is a Greek company with registered offices in Athens, 42 Zalokosta Street, Chalandri p.c. 15233, Business Registry No 001056101000 licensed and supervised by the Bank of Greece. You may contact the supervisory authority by sending a letter to the address: 21, El. Venizelou street p.c. 10250, Athens or by calling at the number 2103201111 or via its website www.bankofgreece.gr.

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The below written with capital first letter shall have the definitions described herein (whether used in singular or plural)


Payment Order

The receipt issued at the Point of Sale when the Service to the Customer is completed and delivered to the Customer; it contains all the necessary information for the Customer.

Paylink Reference ID

The identifying number PayLink provides to the Customer as soon as the Service is rendered. With this reference number the Customer may seek information about the completion of the payment from PayLink.


Any natural or legal entity, business mentioned on PayLink’s website where PayLink sends the order for the payment of a Customer’s bill. PayLink can add or remove Billers from its list at any time at its own discretion. The Customer can receive information about the Billers PayLink offers the Service either from the Customer Service Center or at the Point of Sale

Payment Order

The order the Customer gives to receive the Service.


Are the fees the Customer has to pay for the Service. The list with the Transaction Fees is available at the Point of Sale

Business Day

The day the payment service provider of the Biller, involved in the execution of the payment operates, in order to execute the payment.

Biller’s Payment

The code mentioned on the bills the Biller issues and the Customer must have available to match the payment when using the Service.

Cut off time

Payment Orders registered after 18:00 at PayLink’s Point of Sale are executed the next Business Day.


Any natural person who enters the Point of Sale to pay a Biller’s bill

Payment Order

The amount the Customer wishes to remit to the Biller to pay for a bill. Partial payment of a bill or payment of an expired bill depends whether this is acceptable by the Biller.

Point of Sale

The shops/enterprises that cooperate with PayLink and its branches that offer the Service to the Customers. To find the nearest Point of Sale in your area you may call the Customer Service Center.

Total Payment Amount

The sum of the Payment Order Amount with the Transaction Charges the Customer needs to pay to conclude the transaction

Customer Service

PayLink’s Department where the Customer can call for information about the Service; The address and telephones are available at the end of these terms.


The payment service described herein where the Customer pays cash at the Point of Sale to pay a bill to a Biller by paying the Payment Order Amount and Transaction Charges. The present payment service is a single payment service according to the legislation for payment services

PayLink, in cooperation with credit institutions offers the Service to its Customers at the Points of Sale.

Service Currency
The Service’s currency is Euro.

Payment Order
The Customer enters a PayLink’s Point of Sale and must bear or know the Biller’s Payment Code for the bill he/she wishes to pay to track it on PayLink’s Application at the Point of Sale. 2 Customer must provide a valid telephone number to PayLink for communication purposes, so that Paylink is able to reach the Customer in case clarifications need be made or in case the Biller refuses the payment for any reason whatsoever. The Customer gives the Payment Order at the Point of Sale after he/she has been informed about the Transaction Charges and the Cut Off time of the Bill Payment Order. The Customer must pay the Payment Order Amount and the Transaction Charges at the Point of Sale; following this the Bill Payment Order is entered into Paylink’s application. After the completion of the validation checks the Customer is informed at the Point of Sale about the completion of the Bill Payment Order and the Cut Off time. Directly after the completion of the Bill Payment Order the Customer receives the Payment Order Receipt including information about the Biller, the Payment Order Amount, the Transaction Charges, the date and time of transaction, the Biller’s Payment Code and the PayLink Reference ID. The Customer can contact the Customer Service Center and providing the PayLink Reference ID he/she can track the payment made. Customer can make a payment of an expired bill or partial payment of a bill at his/her own risk. These payments are subject to being accepted by their Biller. 

PayLink’s responsibility.

PayLink is not liable to pay damages to the Customer for direct or indirect losses caused to him/her, in case of an event that may cause delay or cancellation of payment due to: a) events of vis absoluta, complete or partial suspension of PayLink’s or the credit institution’s business by virtue of an act of an authority, strikes, riots, rebellions, state of war; for as long as these situations last and prevent PayLink from offering the Service, b) acts or omissions of the credit institution PayLink cooperates with or due to any other cause out of PayLink’s power of influence. PayLink is not liable in case payment is not completed because the Biller refused it or because Customer provided incorrect details for the payment and due to this reason payment could not be completed.

You must make sure to provide full and correct information to PayLink for the Service. PayLink only provides the Service of the Billers mentioned on PayLink’s Billers list as in force and amended from time to time. PayLink is not liable for damages caused intentionally or due to gross negligence of its employees or Representatives during the rendering of the Service; However, its responsibility includes cases of levis culpa. In cases PayLink has liability, it is limited to the refund of the Total Payment Amount. PayLink and its Agents may refuse to provide the Service to any person, without giving a reason, in particular to prevent fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing or to comply with any applicable law, order of a court or requirement of any regulatory or government authority.

Cancellation and Refunds – You may cancel the transaction at a Point of Sale of by calling 210 9005000 or toll free 8001002020 provided the payment to the Biller has not been completed and PayLink has not yet sent the Payment Order to the credit institution it cooperates with. Once cancelled, Paylink will refund the Payment Order Amount, deducting the Transaction Charges applied for the Service. In the event the Biller refuses to accept the payment, PayLink shall contact you to refund the Payment Order Amount.

In the event you have a complaint, believe an error has been made or have an enquiry in relation to the Service, please contact PayLink’s Customer Service Center. We will investigate your request and provide you with regular updates on its progress. An acknowledgement of your complaint will be sent to you within 5 business days of the complaint being received. The acknowledgement will contain the date of receipt plus a reference number, which should be used in all further 3 communications with PayLink. If you are dissatisfied with the resolution proposed by PayLink, you have the right to refer your complaint to the General Secretariat for Consumers or the Consumers’ Obundsman at Leof. Alexandras No144, 1441, Athens, Greece tel. 2106460862, 210 6460814, fax: 210 6460814 email: grammateia@synigoroskatanaloti.gr site: http://www.synigoroskatnaloti.gr.

Applicable law prohibits payment institutions from doing business with certain individuals and countries – PayLink is required to screen all transactions against lists of names provided by the Greek government and the European Union. If a potential match is identified, PayLink researches the transaction to determine if the name matched is the individual on the relevant list. On occasion, Consumers may be required to provide additional identification and other information, delaying transactions. This is a legal requirement for all transactions processed by PayLink.

These terms have been drafted in both Greek and English, however the Greek language prevails. These terms are subject to Greek Law and any dispute arising out them shall be submitted to the competence of a Greek Court. These terms are available on PayLink’s website (www.e-paylink.com). The Customer accepts these when he/she gives a bill payment order. In any case the Customer has the right to ask for these terms from PayLink or at a Point of Sale in a hard copy without a charge. PayLink shall amend these terms from time to time to adjust to legal changes or to depict amendments in the Service. In any case the amended terms shall be available on PayLink’s website.

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Paylink’s Customer Service Center: 210 9005000 or toll free from landline 8001002020, Monday till Sunday 8:00 – 21:00. e-mail: info@paylink.gr.